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Item #   607071.

A dramatic rug collection, for which the NY Times had this to say about the quilts that inspired them, "...some of the most miraculous works of modern art America has produced..." Designed by the African American women quilt collective of rural Alabama known as Gee's Bend. Original quilt is of cotton, circa 1971. H-Variation Rug is a very powerful geometric circles and block layout of bold red, black and brown color scheme. Lustrous and plush underfoot with a sculpted appearance. Available in Poppy Red (PPY) as shown or in Cherry Chocolate (CCH). Olefin. Allow 4-6 weeks.

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 607070-POP   H-VARIATION 2'2"x3'2" RUG     Drop Ships  $99.00 
 607071-POP   H-VARIATION 2'6"x7'8" RUG     Drop Ships  $229.00 
 607072-POP   H-VARIATION 3'10"x5'6" RUG      in stock  $229.00 
 607073-POP   H-VARIATION 5'5"x7'8" RUG     Drop Ships  $499.00 
 607074-POP   H-VARIATION 7'8x10'10" RUG     Drop Ships  $999.00 
Inventory in stock as shown but currently inaccessible due the after-effects of Hurricane Sandy.
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