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Item #   513605

Hand-woven kente USHER neckties. Custom made to order in Ghana by Gold Coast Africa. Please allow 8+ weeks to deliver (see below if you need them sooner). Woven with Rayon thread. Dry clean only.

Note:   This is not a stock item, so when you order the cart will show 0 in stock.   You may edit the quantity that you desire in the shopping cart at checkout. We will weave the neckties once your order is placed.

In the Comments section at checkout, please indicate your need-by date. If we must ship them from Ghana separately, the extra shipping charge would be $10 per stole.   As our larger shipment schedule is always set, we will not know until it is time to ship, so your card would not be charged for the extra shipping until then.

This inventory is in stock but currently inaccessible due to effects of Hurricane Sandy.
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