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Item #   803050.

Dramatic geometrics combine fold into a rich sensual palette of muted purples and golds, giving this Urban Chic Bath Collection a mass appeal and level of sophistication that transcends big city life. Gleaming brass tone bath accessories evoke an Art Deco inspiration. Bronzed towels are 100% cotton plush jacquard loop construction and feature gold, black and plum geometric border detailing.

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 803055   URBAN CHIC SHOWER HOOKS  Sold Out   $14.50 
 803076   URBAN CHIC WASTEBASKET  Sold Out   $42.00 
 803075   URBAN CHIC TISSUE BOX  Sold Out   $32.00 
 803073   URBAN CHIC TB HOLDER  Sold Out   $12.00 
 803072   URBAN CHIC TUMBLER  Sold Out   $12.00 
 803071   URBAN CHIC LOTION PUMP  Sold Out   $16.00 
 803070   URBAN CHIC SOAP DISH  Sold Out   $12.00 
 803069   URBAN CHIC BATH TOWEL      in stock  $18.50 
 803066   URBAN CHIC HAND TOWEL      in stock  $12.50 
 803063   URBAN CHIC WASH CLOTH  Sold Out   $6.00 
 803060   URBAN CHIC BATH RUG  Sold Out   $30.00 
 803050   URBAN CHIC SHOWER CURTAIN  Sold Out   $32.00 
Inventory in stock as shown but currently inaccessible due the after-effects of Hurricane Sandy.
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