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Item #   803310

Sassy and stylish retro organizers help us girls stay tidy and discreet. Channel your inner diva with these fun and functional, durable, epoxy-coated, brushed steel tampon cases. An embarrassment saver when your purse spills its contents for all the world to see. Perfect for pills, change and other small items. Are you a (left to right) Josephine Baker (JOS), Dreamgirl (DRE) or a Foxy Brown (FOX)? Made in USA. 5" L x 1¾" W x 8" H.

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 803310-DRE   DREAMGIRL TAMPON CASE      in stock  $32.00 
 803310-FOX   FOXY BROWN TAMPON CASE  Sold Out  $32.00 
 803310-JOS   JOSEPHINE BAKER TAMPON CASE      in stock  $32.00 
Inventory in stock as shown but currently inaccessible due the after-effects of Hurricane Sandy.
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