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Item #   404444

Original art tiles from the artist known as 'Wak' give off glorious, deified, high watt Greek energy. Each proud Greek delegate stands atop a pedestal in their colors with their group's crest at their side. Big Eight only. ((( (Twenty Pearls), ((( (Excellence), ((( (Elegance), ((( (Five Pearls), ((( (In The Beginning), ((( (Nupe), ((( (Son Of Thunder), and ((( (Culture). 8" Square.

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 404444-AKA   TWENTY PEARLS (AKA) TILE  Sold Out  $25.00 
 404444-DST   EXCELLENCE (DELTA) TILE  Sold Out  $25.00 
 404444-SGR   ELEGANCE (SIGMA GAMMA) TILE      in stock  $25.00 
 404444-ZPB   FIVE PEARLS (ZETA) TILE      in stock  $25.00 
 404444-APA   IN THE BEGINNING (ALPHA) TILE      in stock  $25.00 
 404444-KAP   NUPE (KAPPA ALPHA) TILE  Sold Out  $25.00 
 404444-OPP   SON OF THUNDER (OMEGA) TILE  Sold Out  $25.00 
 404444-PBS   CULTURE (PHI BETA) TILE      in stock  $25.00 
Inventory in stock as shown but currently inaccessible due the after-effects of Hurricane Sandy.
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