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Item #   407502.

Desk top accessories of fine, Kenyan leather and authentic mudcloth fabric make a distinguished statement of personal style. Exquisitely crafted and finished by hand, each piece is a self-contained treasure. Small square box is perfect for standard 3" notepad stickies as well as loose desktop items. 3-3/4" square x 2-1/4" deep. Wastebasket is 9" diameter x 12" tall. Picture frame holds up to a 5" x 7" size photo. Kenya.

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 407500   LEATHER/MUDCLOTH WASTEBASKET      in stock  $48.95 
 407502   SMALL LEATHER & MUDCLOTH BOX  Sold Out  $16.95 
 407505   TALL LEATHER/MUDCLOTH BOX  Sold Out  $19.95 
 407511   LONG LEATHER & MUDCLOTH BOX      in stock  $34.95 
 407519   LEATHER/MUDCLOTH 7x9 PICTURE FRAME      in stock  $22.95 
Inventory in stock as shown but currently inaccessible due the after-effects of Hurricane Sandy.
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